Tara Moses has also had experience in the realm of design and artistry, as well as management. Here are a few samples of her work. 

Stage Management 

Altar Boyz

Director: Machele Miller Dill

Set Designer: Kimberly V. Powers

Lighting Designer: Weston Wilkerson

Stage Manager: Tara Moses

University of Tulsa

Photography by Michael Ervin

The Pirates of Penzance

Directed by: Steven Daigle

Scene Designer: Charles Murdock

Lighting Designer: Erich Keil

Costume Designer: Adrienne Jones

Stage Manager: Tara Moses

Ohio Light Opera

Photography by Matt Dilyard

Manifesto on the Ledge

Directed/Designed by: Machele Miller Dill

Production Manager and Make-Up Artist: Tara Moses

Rhymes with Opera

New York, New York

Photography by: Janette Pellegrini


The Color Purple In Concert

Directed by: Machele Miller Dill

Lighting Designer: Tara Moses

Spinning Plates Productions

photography by Michael Ervin

Little Shop of Horrors

Directed by: Gary John La Rosa

Costume Designer: Crista Caye Patrick

Hair and Make-Up Artist: Tara Moses

University of Tulsa

photography by Michael Ervin

Trojan Women

University Project

Professor Kimberly V. Powers

Set and Costumes: Tara Moses 

Make-Up Artistry for Film

For more samples of her work in management, make-up artistry, wardrobe management, properties construction,

and/or scene painting or to obtain a comprehensive resumé please visit the Contact Page.